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The Factory

The Boatyard

Ocean Yachts seagoing tradition and wealth of talented professionals combine their skills and high quality craftsmanship to produce the Ocean Star range of sailing yachts.
The Ocean Yachts boatyard and its 40 person, strong workforce are located in Kalivia, 50 km from the center of Athens. The boatyard is built to allow the combination of traditional craftsmanship and semi custom production and has the capacity to manufacture up to 15 yachts a year.

True Craftsmanship

Ocean Star yachts are recognized for their strength and sailing capabilities world wide. Safety on board is a fundamental consideration, which is illustrated by the traditional methods of hull lamination, where the bulkheads are structurally reinforced and the GRP girder grid system is bonded underneath the entire surface and hull's full perimeter to ensure extra strength and solidity. All of the hulls are laminated by hand and molded internally, while special attention is given to detail during production.

Quality is an Investment

Ocean Yachts consistently strives to retain the traditions of hand craftsmanship, while keeping its customers' ever changing requirements in mind. Each new Ocean Star sailboat is launched as a result of personal involvement and professional skill. An Ocean Star is always well-built, enduring and offers first class sailing performance. The well proven construction materials, construction process, and finishings ensure the longevity of these yachts and make them sound investments.

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