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She is solid, acceptably equipped, smooth and seaworthy. Tim Thomas, Yachting World
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Our History

Their love and respect for the sea was the leading motive for the Anargyrou brothers to manufacture their 18 foot motorboat in Brazil. Twenty years later, the Greek expatriates returned to their motherland and applied their wealth of knowledge and experience of the boating industry to create Ocean Yachts' first sailboats.

The 49 foot Ocean Star 495 was an instant success. Only the finest yacht could achieve such an enthusiastic response in Greece, a country known for its many generations of naval traditions.

True to its mission of building reliable and innovative yachts, in 1997 Ocean Yachts launched two new yachts, the Ocean Star 46.1 and the Ocean Star 51.1, the 'bigger and better' version of the Ocean Star 495. These yachts combined handcrafted superiority with modern design. Less complicated solutions and simple concepts led to easy-to-sail, high performance yachts.

The Ocean Yachts team remains devoted to building superior yachts which is evident in the boatyard's newest models, which were built after extensive research and technology were applied. Today the Ocean Yachts fleet consists of the Ocean Star 56.1, Ocean Star 51.2 and the Ocean Star 48.1, which come in two different layout (charter and owner's ) versions.

Ocean Yachts customers want modern performance without compromising on the classic Ocean Yachts style. The ability to create seaworthy yachts that combine effortless cruising with top performance has become Ocean Yachts' signature. As Tim Thomas from Yachting World wrote "She is solid, acceptably equipped, smooth and seaworthy."

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