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About Ocean Yachts UK

Tony Mason - Managing Director

Prior to forming Ocean Yachts UK, Tony Mason had many years of experience working within the luxury yacht market with many different types of yachts. Despite an extensive level of sailing experience that included many thousands of miles of offshore and ocean cruising, the decision was made to come ashore and concentrate on yacht sales at the top end of the leisure market.

Ocean Yachts UK was formed in 2003 and since that time they have formed a close working relationship with the Ocean Yachts shipyard in Greece and were appointed the sole distributor for the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands of Ocean Yachts range of luxury blue water cruising sailboats.

Tony was trained as a mechanical engineer and in business management and has an outstanding record in sales in the automotive and yachting sectors. He was formerly Joint Managing Director of Wickham Motor Co Ltd. and General Sales Manager for another yachting organisation. He is qualified as an RYA/Dtp Yachtmaster Ocean with Commercial Endorsement.

Sue Mason - Director of Marketing and Communications

Sue joined her husband at Ocean Yachts UK to assist him with establishing Ocean Yachts as a leading mark in the luxury yacht sector.

With many years of experience gained in the field of advertising and public relations, Sue moved out of London where she had been looking after accounts with some leading brand names and settled by the coast whereupon sailing soon became one of her interests.
After starting a family she returned to a working environment as the Manageress of a leading group of estate agents. As her husband's career in sailing developed Sue became more involved, until eventually the lure to join him was too great.

Jim Robinson - Yacht Broker

Jim's love of sailing started as a young child. He grew up by the sea and he soon became a member of the local sailing club. As a cadet he got to grips with many different types of dinghy and the urge to go racing followed. Since those humble beginnings, Jim has developed into sailing on somewhat larger craft.

With a career that started as a leading salesman in the luxury car sector, Jim soon moved on to senior management. However, the lure of the sea was always there and when Tony Mason approached him to crew on a few delivery trips his qualities were recognised and he became a leading member of the team.

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